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The Colonel Justice M. Chambers Detachment is dedicated to preserve the traditions and to promote interest in the United States Marine Corps. To band together a group of active and honorably discharged members from the service, that have similar interests and beliefs in honoring the Nation and those that have given their life for our United States. To work together in developing and supporting community activities that, promote respect for our country, and uniformed service. Qualifications for full Membership are: All members must meet the criteria established by National Council of the Marine Corps League. All applications (Pickup at Gunny’s Hall) will be reviewed by the officers of the Detachment and accepted by Detachment vote. Applicants must provide evidence of honorable service in the United States Marine Corps for no less than 90 days. Associate Membership is available to honorably discharged members of the other branches of the arm service including allied services. Meetings will be held the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm unless special circumstances exist. Gunny’s Hall located at 8720 Twinbrook Dr. Mentor, Ohio 44060 Ph.# 440-974-9380 FAX # 440-205-1593. contact


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Gunny Hall Events

DETACHMENT MEETINGS = second Thursday of each month 7:00pm GUNNY’S HALL 8720 Twinbrook Dr. Mentor Ohio 44060 440-974-9380 LUNCH Sunday 1-5pm, Closed Monday, Tuesday Noon-8pm, Wednesday Noon-8pm, Thursday Noon to 5:00pm, Friday Noon to 7:00 pm, Saturday Noon-5pm  MENU

Gunny Hall is open