Thom Seymour


The Adjutant is the corporate/recording secretary for Detachment meetings and affairs. In addition, the Adjutant provides support to Detachment officers and project leaders through correspondence, documentation, written communication, media releases, and other staff assistance. The Adjutant, by direction of the presiding officer, may prepare agendas for meetings, record member participation and attendance, and prepare and monitor the calendar of events for the Detachment. Moreover, the Adjutant is responsible for official notifications to members.

Characteristics and Traits

  • Ability to accurately record resolutions and carried motions of the Detachment
  • Ability to accurately record minutes of meetings
  • Ability to organize information, and maintain and file records/archives
  • Attention to details, and capability for recall of information
  • Ability to print/write legibly, type, and/or utilize computer for permanent Detachment records
  • Capability for assembling information, and providing officers and members data regarding Detachment actions, programs, and listings
  • While not mandatory, a computer and computer skills (particularly word processing) are extremely helpful for this job

Narrative on Job Accountability and Responsibilities

KEEP ACCURATE MINUTES OF MEETINGS – The purpose of recording minutes at meetings is to keep accurate records, for review and audit, of activities and decisions made on behalf of the Detachment.         Members and officers memories are best served with a written commentary on meeting events, reasons for decisions, and actual actions taken. For some decisions, the record is required for legal reasons – both state corporate requirements and for League audit purposes.         The presence of minutes and records is indicative of organization, and providing information for future use within the Detachment.

Minutes may be kept in writing, shorthand, or by use of recording device. It is not important to write every detail, but salient points of discussion, and actions taken are necessary.

PREPARE AND TRANSCRIBE MINUTES FOR PERMANENT RECORD OF DETACHMENT         –  Minutes should be transcribed to permanent records immediately after a meeting as taken place. Information or other factors appropriate for recording will still be in the Adjutant’s memory when done immediately following the meeting.         Minutes and records should be transcribed into a book or binder that passes to each succeeding Adjutant for the Detachment. Periodically, the Adjutant may want to include an index of topics (i.e. annually) for easy reference in the future.         The records should be maintained in chronological or reverse order, and include meeting date, location, type of meeting, officers present, and members present if appropriate.

ASSURE THAT RESOLUTIONS ARE MAINTAINED AS CORPORATE RECORDS – The minutes of meetings, particularly resolutions (decisions made that affect how business is to be conducted, amendments/changes to by-laws, and other decisions regarding finances and programs), must be maintained as a permanent record of the Detachment’s activities and actions within its corporate charter. While unusual, these records are subject to audit by the state within which the Detachment is incorporated.         Because the Detachment is chartered as a non-profit organization, its activities must conform to the letter and spirit of that corporate charter. Such resolutions, decisions and actions do not need to be maintained separately they should be included with minutes of the meetings transcribed for permanent records of the Detachment, as described above.

CORRESPONDENCE, BULLETINS, AND COMMUNICATIONS – The Adjutant also serves as secretary in support of official correspondence, bulletins, and other written communications of the Detachment. As directed, the Adjutant should assist in providing letters and completion of documents on behalf of the officers of the Detachment.         Such assistance may include specific letters, form letters, and agendas, listings of members and prospects, Detachment contact lists, bulletins of special meetings, contacts with officers/members to attend meetings.

In addition, the Adjutant is responsible for completion and mailing of the Detachment Installation Report upon election and installation of officers, completing and mailing (in conjunction with the Board of Trustees) annual Department convention materials as prescribed, and may be responsible for or assist in the completion and mailing of Membership Transmittal forms monthly.

The Adjutant’s responsibility is to assure timely and quality written records and communication, working closely with the Board of Trustees.

MAINTAINS DETACHMENT RECORDS –  In addition to preparing Detachment minutes, records, and other communications, the Adjutant is responsible for maintaining, organizing and filing pertinent records and documentation for the Detachment. This should include correspondence and letters/certificates of merit (in absence of Historian) that will preserve a chronological documentary of Detachment actions and events.

POST OFFICIAL NOTICES –  Most by-laws require the Adjutant to post notice of meetings (which for regular membership and officer meetings may be included in a newsletter), special meetings, and other official business meetings.         Depending on the by­laws, this will probably be a written notification.

REPORT AT MEETINGS –  During the course of a business meeting, or officer’s meeting, the Adjutant will be called on to report and summarize the minutes and records of the last meeting. The Adjutant’s report should be concise, and emphasize business issues that include resolutions, decisions, actions, and discussion.         The report may be modified from the floor if warranted before being approved. If separate officer meetings are held, it is advisable to read minutes of those meetings at the general membership meetings if decisions have been made by the officers.

OTHER – Other duties of the Adjutant may include:

  • Signing certificates of awards and recognition to members and citizens
  • Assisting in the writing and development of by-laws, policies, and procedures
  • Assisting in the development and printing of promotional and marketing materials
  • Assisting in the writing, editing, and printing of Detachment newsletters
  • Assisting with copying and printing requirements


The Adjutant plays an important role in Detachment operations by providing records of decisions and programs, and by assisting the officers in communication activities. In addition to the fact that minutes and records are legal documents, both for the Marine Corps League and the state, the information can be extremely useful, particularly for future Boards of Trustees, in determining why courses of action were chosen, and what programs (and their results) have been tried before.         Over a period, the history that is developed through this documentation can be used to provide a more readable form of history for the Detachment and its members.